Environmental Site Solutions (ESS) is honored to represent the following manufacturers for landfill leachate condensate pumps & controls.   All three companies lead the industry in innovative, and robust technology for leachate pumping.


Since 1985, EPG Companies Inc. has designed and manufactured pollution control systems and equipment being used worldwide in various landfill, remediation, water and wastewater and industrial applications.  With over 12,000 installations, EPG has become the choice among thousands of environmental professionals.


The founders of Jeneer Group have been involved with landfill pumps for 20 plus years. In our field experience we have seen the daily struggles of the field technicians: removing leachate filled pumps from 100’ plus wells, the unwanted leachate bath, constant cleaning and rebuilding pumps, technicians going from well to well to determine if pumps are operating, critical condensate sumps watering in and shutting down other equipment.

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Blackhawk Technology Company

Blackhawk's low-flow reciprocating piston pumps are the standard for reliability and durability in landfills, remediation sites and difficult pumping environments, providing long-life economy.